Trying out nude lipstick

  1. ladylikebehavior said: Pretty lady!
  2. novmbr said: ITS GORRRRG
  3. lalaslut said: Ooh what’s the color and brand? Love it
  4. minilulu said: Love it!
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    very nice!
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  7. yesysabella said: i love it! what kind of lipstick is it? the only one i have is kind of orange, but i added pink/yellow eyeshaow to it so its a little more shimmery pink now.
  8. babygirlcryfest said: sugary sweet you are too fine
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  10. beaucoupshade said: u helllaaaa cute
  11. dharmadoll said: beaut!

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  • Posted: 05 July 2013
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